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Growing your business can be difficult.  Complicated problems require highly skilled labor, which at times may not be in your budget. 10Staffing provides the perfect team member for your business.

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To interconnect the world. Connecting businesses with the perfect employees that help companies reach their true potential.






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Benefits of Outsourcing

Why Should

I Outsource?

Cost Savings

The attractive cost-benefit of outsourcing is one of the main reasons most companies outsource.  On average companies save anywhere from 50%-70% plus the savings from not having to provide workers with office space or any hardware.

Faster Quality and Turnaround

Outsourcing can open the door for around-the-clock production.  10Staffing provides workes in all timezones.  That means you can have on-going production around the clock with multiple team members in different shifts.

Shared Operational Risk

We help you find the perfect employee for your company.  In the rare case of employee turnover, 10Staffing will promptly replace your team member.  We monitor each employee and follow up with reports to maintain and further improve production.

Specialized Talent

The budget-friendly model of outsourcing allows for hiring multiple team members on a small budget.  That also lets you hire the perfect specialist for any position.